About Me

Nearly five decades ago, I was born into a strong middle class family and raised to respect hard work for decent pay.

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I grew up believing that everything will always work out for me, until it didn't.

I was slammed with the realities of life.  Nothing comes easy and everything has a price.  I've gone through countless highs and lows along the way and, only now, I can say that all my experiences, good and bad, have served me and I'm grateful.

I have spent the first 48 years of my life as a responsible employee and NOW I am on my way to greatness as a full fledged entrepreneur.

I was first introduced to the "Home-Based" business in July of 2009, then the "Laptop Lifestyle" became my path in 2013, meaning that I went from home meetings and face-to-face marketing to Online Marketing.  Everyone I've met, everywhere I've been has led me down this path of discovery in my most fulfilling values and I'm ready to release the giant within!

Opportunity has been jumping out at me where ever I turn, staying focused on the prize is what's important.

Wealth Building doesn't pertain to just one thing. Wealth Building and creating a system that enhances your greatness is what this website is all about. A system that can be taught and handed over to the next generation of entrepreneurs is what this site is dedicated to.

If you're reading this right now, stay connected to this site and just watch what happens next!

What a ride it's been so far and I cant wait to see where it continues.  Where it will take me is just a mystery.


This page is dedicated to my loving, hard working, selfless wife Lida and my two wonderful daughters who look up to me as a role model with wide eyes of love and appreciation. They will never truly know the amount of love I have for them.

"The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself" In this video above, I reveal the three questions I asked myself when I finally realized what I was doing was going to keep me working until the day I died. Something needed to change.


Soul Surfer, Employee to Entrepreneur