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Exposing the Truth Behind Ray Kakuda

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An Investigative Interview

He has been seen all over the internet.  Living the Laptop Lifestyle.  Escape the Rat Race. 6 Saturdays and a Sunday…

Of course your “bullshit meter” may have kicked in and wondered, “Is this a scam? Is this real?” and many more other questions with good reason.  There is a lot of bullshit scams out there.  The bad part is, you wish it was for real, right?

Every time someone likes something, some one hates that very same thing.  The haters are usually more vocal than the likers, so you tend to be more exposed the the scam alerts.  It’s actually a genetic self-defense mechanism installed into our DNA from the beginning of time. (I have written several blog posts on the subject)

Ray Kakuda on the Hot Seat…

Recently, I cornered Ray Kakuda himself and gave him a chance to address these concerns.  In this interview, I throw every single objection I can think of at him to see how he answers…

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